In these Terms and Conditions, the following words shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires:

“Travel Business Azerbaijan 2020 Online” (further as TBA 2020 Online or Event) is an event organised by Azerbaijan Tourism Board and State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

“ATB” means Azerbaijan Tourism Board and is the owner and organiser of the Event.

“STA” means State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the organiser and supporter of the Event.

“Organiser” means Azerbaijan Tourism Board and/or State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“Buyer” means a travel trade professional, who registered, later qualified by Azerbaijan Tourism Board to take an online spot for B2B meetings or events at the Event, willing to attend 20 pre-scheduled appointments with registered Exhibitors and establish business relations.

"Exhibitor" means a travel trade professional who have registered, later qualified by Azerbaijan Tourism Board to take an online spot for B2B meetings or events  at the Event, willing to attend 20 pre-scheduled appointments with registered Buyers and establish business relations by offering local travel products.

"Pre-Scheduled Appointment" means an appointment organised by a Buyer and an Exhibitor to take place at the Event.

Qualifying Criteria

To qualify as a Buyer, applicants must be top leisure, corporate, MICE, luxury and special interest travel trade professionals from companies based outside Azerbaijan, responsible for planning, organising, recommending or making financial decisions outside their home country. Additionally, qualified Buyers must commit to attending 20 pre-scheduled appointments at the Event with exhibitors of their choice, while accepting additional appointments that may be arranged for them either by the Organisers or requested by the Exhibitors.

To be accepted as a Buyer, applicant should meet a strict qualifying criterion. The Organiser may contact the applicant and/or appropriate meetings suppliers to verify the information on their application. Only one application will be accepted per company. The approval of final list of the Buyers at Event is subject to the Organiser’s decision.

Registration Process

Completion of the online application form does not automatically guarantee a place at the Event.

Organiser will only accept one application per company for the Buyers Programme. Acceptance of any additional applications from a company for the Buyer Programme is at complete discretion of Organiser.

The Organiser will only accept one application per Company.

All required sections of the application form must be fully completed. Otherwise, the application will not be processed.

By accepting the Buyer status, all Buyers are consenting to their contact details being made available to exhibitors as well as all official Event partners and sponsors.


Qualified Buyers will receive access to the online appointment system for pre-scheduled meetings with exhibitors of their choice.
Attendance and appointment setting
Buyers who are accepted by the Organiser commit to attending a minimum of 20 pre-scheduled appointments during the Event. Pre-scheduled meetings have to be arranged in advance via an online appointment system. In case some participants do not fulfil the minimum number of appointments, they will be blacklisted from future ATB events.

Only one person per company will be accepted as a Buyer. Exceptions can be made for large companies on a case by case basis or if otherwise agreed with the Organiser.

Please note that attendance at appointments will be monitored and non-attendance shall constitute a breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Your acceptance as a Buyer is non-transferable. Should a circumstance arise whereby you have to cancel your participation, you may request to substitute another person from your organization 20 days prior to the Event. The Organiser may choose to accept the substitution after reviewing his/her fully completed application form.

General conditions
All matters and questions not covered by these Terms and Conditions are subject to the decision of the Organiser. Foregoing, Terms and Conditions may be amended or added by the Organiser at their discretion. The Buyer agrees to abide by any future amendments and changes by the Organiser, as well as rules set out in the present Buyers Terms and Conditions.

The Organiser and the Buyer will amicably settle all eventual disputes. In case a dispute cannot be settled in this way, the Organiser and the Buyer agree that the Courts of Baku, Azerbaijan are competent to settle any such dispute, according to Azerbaijan Law.

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